twenty twenty two: in review

2022-12-31 [23:59]

Hello dear reader, whoever you are, whenever you are.

To be honest, I am not sure who reads these logs. From what I can tell, it's nobody but webcrawlers. Which is okay; not everything written needs to be read.

This is the only place I feel comfortable talking openly about my feelings, so, if you are someone in my personal life reading this and you are mentioned, I am sorry. I need to be honest with myself and my thoughts.

This is my reflection on the year 2022.

2022 was an awful year for me. There were many great moments, but unfortunately, I am (as I shall discuss later) mentally ill and incapable of maintaining any level of joy or happiness. I am chronically anxious and jealous and agitated and now, socially avoidant. Great. Awesome.

Is it smarter to talk about the good things first, or the bad things first? I guess we should avoid the sad shit, so let's talk about good stuff.

Okay, now for everything else.

I am so sorry for this pity party. If you actually read all that shit, I feel like I need to send you some money or something. I'll try to figure all this out so next year is a lot more fun and there's none of this embarrassing trash on the page anymore.

Onwards and upwards,